Investment Quotes

Conventional wisdom and intelligent investing are not necessarily synonymous.

When a theory works in practice, it just might work in theory.

We are not big fans of discounted cash flow analyses as these are highly prone to operator error and fantasies.

You will make money with a great location at a fair price and lose money with a fair location at a great price. 

Never pay the seller for upside resulting from your expertise in managing the asset.

Many of the “experts” who played into the bubble losing billions of dollars are still quoted in the financial press and managing investment dollars.  La Cage Aux Folles continues with a nearly identical cast of Wall Street actors who are financially backed, distressingly, by many of the institutional investors who were burned in the bubble.

Relying on unrealistic growth assumptions to rationalize a high purchase price will inevitably lead to a loss of investment.

Supply and demand dynamics typically will not allow real rental pricing increase of any magnitude for a sustainable period as new product will be introduced into the market place.

The pricing of risk is determined by global capital markets and the heterogeneous investment characteristics of the asset.

All our investments and recommendations are based on outstanding locations!  There is no compromising on location, regardless of the asset type and building class.

Target asset sectors not being trampled by the Wall Street herd as the best defense is a good offense.